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Naïmah is an emerging alternative-pop singer/songwriter, blending a little rock, a little folk, and a whole lot of soul.A native of Washington, D.C., Naïmah’s music reflects her experience growing up in a blended suburban/urban landscape through its integration of organic sounds and dark beats below sweet, dreamy melodies.  In her songwriting and live performance, Naïmah captures the root of everyday experiences and an uninhibited urge to remember, relive, and reflect upon these moments.Naïmah started developing her passion for writing and music during her early teen years. While she was receiving formal clarinet and vocal lessons in school, she was also discovering the music of Jimi Hendrix, Joni Mitchell, and Elliott Smith, who she names as her primary influences.“I’ve walked an incredibly thin line all my life—between cultures, between genres—attended boarding school, traveled to many countries, and from my experiences I learned the richness of differences, which has really influenced my outlook on life and my approach to my art,” says Naïmah.  “I hope my music will provide an intersection of worlds for my listeners—they’ll be able to pull [from my music] a piece that fits and relates to them, and I’ll open them up to something new. There will be no stereotype or strict, polar image of my listeners, because I guess there’s no polar image of me.”

Having recently graduated from the University of Southern California, Naïmah is currently based in Washington, D.C.

With a name that means comfort, peace, and tranquility, the power of Naïmah’s music comes as no surprise.



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Show Dates

Past Shows

  • 04/18/15: Laugh for Education, NASIM Conference, Silver Spring, MD
  • 03/07/15: Project R.E.D, Joe’s Movement Emporium, Mt. Rainer, MD
  • 11/29/14: Rockwood Music Hall, New York, NY
  • 11/28/14: Newark Symphony Hall, Newark, NJ
  • 11/04/14: Stir, Los Angeles, CA
  • 10/09/14: Luncheon for Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton, Ben’s Next Door, Washington, DC
  • 09/26/14: Pennsylvania State, Noontime Lounge, University Park, PA
  • 08/08/14: Tree House Lounge, Washington, DC
  • 07/22/14: The Delancey, Brooklyn, NY
  • 07/21/14: Guest appearance on Blis.fm’s “The Cellar”
  • 07/01/14: Smithsonian Folklife Festival, Staff Picnic, Washington, DC
  • 06/10/14: Ben’s Next Door, U Street, Washington, DC
  • 06/08/14: Celebrate Fairfax! Festival, Fairfax, VA
  • 05/04/14: Takoma Station Taven, Washington, DC
  • 05/03/14: DC Funk Parade, U Street, Washington, DC
  • 04/06/14: Takoma Station Tavern, Washington, DC
  • 03/26/14: Mellow Mushroom Adams Morgan, Washington, DC
  • 02/21/14: DC Fashion Week, Four Points Hotel, Washington, DC
  • 02/21/14: F.R.E.S.H. Artist Series, Sports Zone Elite, Washington, DC
  • 01/20/14: Takoma Station Tavern, Washington, DC
  • 01/08/14: Communion DC, Black Cat, Washington, DC
  • 01/05/14: F.R.E.S.H. Artist Series, Takoma Tavern Station, Washington, DC
  • 12/17/13: Cameo Gallery, Brooklyn, NY


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